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Camira wab sara

Hie whole nine yards The EA Sports NCAA Football Challenge will be from 1 1 a.m. Registration will be on a flrvt-come, first-served basis Sring a student 10 to participate. Wednesday was the last day for students to update the password for thelf K-State el D. Applications are available at www Ji-itattedu/af)/ s Mknts Muntmng Aul Ofs and can be himed In at 2323 Anderson Ave.If students did not change their password by the deadline they will be unable to access K-State e-mail, KATS. Students can visit tid.or uti the IT Help (}esi:at SJ2-77J2foihelj). ■The Department of Entenwl Qgy li btldngfora rc MHdi isifetant. Friday in Holtz Hall The event is sponsored by Career and Employe ment Services, ■ leta Phi Beta Sorority will have an i Honnatk Mial meetini at S pjn, Sunday m Unioo 207, Dress is business casual ■ H«W to find the Right Jot): Nftww Ung by Hormel ■•entiling Team will beat h Monday m Jnlon 2)2.Student 1: Yeah, I just downloaded it to my cell phone - I have all kinds of music on it. Cell phones have taken the place of numy of the everyday accessories and electronic devices that were once com- monplace for all students and much of the population.Alarm clocks, watches, cameras, MP3 players and, in some situatiorui, computers now can all be found on one cell phone, It's easy to have just one device for all of these things 1 don't have to bring my camera to the bars or worry about an alarm clock," Heather Hilgcnkamp, senior in marketing, said.He said theft of composites is not out of the ordinary, and they are normally returned.Ashley Renz, senior in manage- ment and Alpha Xi Delta presi- dent, declined to comment on the theft.

"But the Chamber of Commerce was against me starting the business, because I was a woman.

"Then, as the collie grew, we moved acro M the street into a building that was an old grocery store.

After that we never had a problem, we just buzzed through." The college never would have taken off without a little luck and the help of her employees, said Crum "We were very lucky to have good help I could never have done it alone," she said.

il 1 A i L A S H Y f _L_ B [ej IB "You must be joking' 21 Miss Piggy's pronoun 24 Suiiatjie 25 Witness aeoood. Conrectionsand darifications There was an error in Wednesday^ Collegian, Marshall University is ranked Bth In the nation In (ushlr^ yanls per game with 1B5 yanls. If you see something that should be conected, call news editor leann Sulzen at (785) 5)2- 6554 ore-ma H cofcswn&spubisiiedu.

too King 28 Navy rank (Abi K.) 29 Manual 30 Ovum 31 Female rabbit 30 Most courteous 37 Nay undoer 38 Unim- provable place 41 Accom- plish 42 His - (cribbage term) 43 Touch 44 Frosi 46 Watson's co-worker 47 Erstwhile acorns 48 Roughly Sl Soch pan -& 2 3 * 1 b 6 7 1 6 9 10 n 1^ 13 14 15 16 17 19 1fl 1 20 22 ^■23 ^H 2S 36 ■1 27 26 29 30 31 ■i 33 P 34 ■i 36 37 iw q 40 41 ^^^1 T 43 4S 46 47 46 1-? Kansas State Collegian (OSPS 291 020) The Kansas State Col- legian, a student newspaper at Kansas State University, is publislied by Student Publications Inc., Kedzle 103, Manhat- tan, KS 66506 The Collegian is published weekdays during the school year and on Wednesdays during the summer Periodical postage is paid at Manhattan, KS 66502.

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