Dating and marriage information about switzerland

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Dating and marriage information about switzerland

The newly married couple plants a pine tree that symbolizes fertility in their yard.It is often believed that planting the tree brings forth luck and children into the family.Any Western European wedding will have something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed.Something old represents the continuity of tradition.Easy-going, passionate, creative and spontaneous, and like to have a good time. I want to get acquainted with I am an introverted person.My hobbies are mountainbiking, running, Tennis, reading and listening to music Spent 9 month in New Zealand 1.

The kerchief represents good luck and each guest offers a dollar or coin and puts it into a basket. In some traditions the godmother hands the kerchiefs to the guests who in turn contribute a coin.

The atmosphere is replete with fun and frolic with amateur performances by the guests like skits, musical plays, instrumental music, poems, songs and gifts.

The maid- of- honor and the best man act as the coordinators of these performances.

The engagement ring is made of gold and it symbolizes the financial sacrifice that the groom makes for his bride-to-be.

In the modern times, the gold ring is ornamented with a diamond.

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This can be a scarf or a piece of jewelry passed on generations after generations.

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