Dating redflags

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Dating redflags

It’s never anything compromising — it seems to be back-and-forth emails about making travel plans — and I think what’s happening is that one of the parties involved has a name similar enough to mine that when someone types in the first few letters of their name, I accidentally jump ahead of them in their contacts list. Up until now, I’ve been ignoring these when they pop up because I didn’t want my first interaction with these people to be pointing out one of them making a mistake (that just screams “bad first impression”).However, it occurs to me that even though it hasn’t been anything serious yet, there’s no guarantee that it won’t be later, not to mention if these emails are getting sent to me, it’s possibly they’re not going to who they’re supposed to.The best thing you can do is to ask your boss (even though she’s in the process of moving positions).Say this: “I noticed that in the ad for your replacement, it mentions the person will manage each of the positions on our team except for mine.

I report to the junior development director and the senior development director.

Or she may stammer and look nervous, which would be its own kind of information. I’m getting business emails from a company I don’t work for I’ve been in the job hunt for a while now, and I’ve applied for a couple of positions at a local company.

While I haven’t gotten a reply to my applications, something odd has happened a couple of times: I’ve been getting business correspondence from the people who work there.

The gist of our job is that we all are assigned tickets from a big chunk.

We all can see all of the tickets, but certain ones are assigned to us and then we “help out” when we’re finished with our assignments. I come to work in the morning and only have about one-third to one-half of the work I was expecting for the day (which was not very much to begin with).

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This may be a pet peeve of mine, but it grates on my nerves when I see the term “dream job” in a letter writer’s question.