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In 2005, 46 percent of eleventh-grade students owned a cellphone; that number leapt to 85 percent in 2014.

The average teen sends an estimated 3,000 texts per month.

Ten years ago, the term “revenge porn”—the nonconsensual sharing of sexually explicit material online—had not yet been uttered by lawmakers, much less parents and educators talking to teens about safe sex practices.

Revenge porn is now so problematic that the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting cyber harassment, established the “End Revenge Porn” campaign, which advocates on behalf of people whose intimate photos have been disseminated online without their consent.

As parents wade into the foreign waters of today’s “sex talk,” some may be wondering if they are adequately equipped for the discussion’s new complexity.

Cyberbullying is now arguably more frightening than in-person bullying (with the exception of physical violence) because it often happens anonymously and behind closed doors.

After convincing Todd to expose her breasts via webcam, Coban used images obtained from the exchange to threaten and humiliate Todd by sending them to family members, teachers and friends at several schools.

In October 2012, Todd committed suicide after years of public humiliation, depression and self-harm.

The case triggered a national discussion on cyberbullying, consent and the erasure of physical barriers to life-threatening harassment in a sexual context.

Non-binary gender identity, sexual orientation, cyberbullying and the conse-quences of receding privacy online are all realities that confront the majority of North American teens, whether directly or indirectly through peers.

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Consent arises again more explicitly in Grade 6 within the context of building healthy relationships, and then in high school as part of the promotion of healthy sexuality.