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Government mandating digital

But it's also presented new challenges that aren't necessarily positive, he said."Before we joined OIT, we were a standalone agency with little interaction with anyone."I actually majored in wildlife and used GIS as a tool to help with wildlife analysis and studies," Johnson said.

Coordination has always been extremely vital." As the general advancement of technology spurs creation of new types of geospatial data and old GIS functions become more automated and less time consuming, the role of those charged with watching over it all evolves, too.'Masters of our own domain' "What that ended up doing was provided me the opportunity for me to utilize the IT framework, the IT architecture and resources to provide these resources to other agencies," Gottsegen said.Though the reporting structure for GIS wasn't changed, Gottsegen found himself providing GIS services as a central service provider, just like IT.Bert Granberg, director of the Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center told State Scoop that, "In general, their responsibility is to best position the state at the intersection of mapping, technology and open data." Within the last 10 years, the role has increasingly come to include coordination efforts across a growing cohort of agencies, departments, and local government organizations that have more data and more technology than ever before."The one thing that's always been true about GIS is it's very hard to be successful going it alone," Granberg said.

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One thing she said she is sure of, though, is that within the last several years, the state's IT office has begun supporting GIS in a major way.

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