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Msf and dating

Of all the people I spoke to, though, Rollins was the most outspoken.

Since fronting punk band Black Flag in the 1980s he's reached for ever-changing mouthpieces — solo releases, spoken-word gigs, radio shows and TV.

How we are informed now is how we were informed in the '80s and what came from that."Punk music might seem obviously political, but any genre is a potential vehicle.

The 83-year-old composer Christian Wolff, for instance, treats chamber ensembles as a form of direct action.

"If you feel you must say this in a song, I think you're kind of forcing it."David T Little also cites recent pieces that function more as documentaries than agitprop.

Steve Reich's autobiographical string quartet Different Trains, for instance, compares the train trips the Jewish composer took in wartime America to those headed to Auschwitz.

He currently pens a blistering op-ed for The LA Weekly.

Rollins' conscience grew while touring America's small towns with Black Flag, where he saw inequality first hand. But it was the streets of America — what I was seeing, what I was hearing — combined with Ronald Reagan ...Works like Changing The System, written at the height of the Vietnam War, are open-ended and ask musicians to carefully listen to each other and make decisions together rather than follow a pre-determined outcome.One of Wolff's other pieces invites amateurs to bond in workshops using simple objects like sticks and stones, as if creating an ideal new society.Isn't there a risk, however, that political music can simply become propaganda?"I think some of the best political music is not overtly political," says Rollins.

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I first heard about My Single Friend a few years back, and to be honest, I loved the concept. That’s where MSF comes in – a site where you get a friend to do the sales pitch for you!

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