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[14] Jason agrees to let Elizabeth and Lucky Spencer raise the baby to protect him from Jason s mob business.He s discovered soon after, though, and goes back to jail. When Jason and Elizabeth s engagement ends, Jake is upset, and tries to get Jason to come back home. Josslyn is christened, with Jason Morgan and Lulu Spencer as her godparents.

She was born onscreen in November 2009 later revised to 2002. Brenda believed she had miscarried, but it was revealed that Alec s grandmother, Suzanne Stanwyck, faked his death and kept him hidden.

The two bonded, and Brenda wanted Sonny to adopt Alec.

Jake Spencer[edit] Jacob Jake Martin Spencer is the son of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber.

She was named Barbara Jean in honor of nurse Bobbie Spencer, who helped with the delivery (Tania was alone in her apartment during a storm and power outage when she goes into labor). His family said good-bye to him, then turned off the machines.

Tracy Quartermaine immediately took steps to become Teddy s foster mother. Maxie fell asleep after attending the Go Red fashion show in New York City; while asleep she dreamed of an alternate universe, where she died and B.

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Sabrina and Teddy were in Puerto Rico, being held captive by Carlos friend.