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There are words about the situation in 'Where Ships Are Born' & since those words have a relevance to this matter, I repeat them here.

"Sunderland Shipbuilding Company, known locally as The "Limited" Yard, took over a South Docks site where wood ships were built in the eighteen-sixties by John Haswell.

Note that in 1862/63 LR names the vessel Nancy Brysson, but thereafter, until 1873/74, LR consistently records the vessel's name as Nancy Bryson. LR from 1872/73 thru 1874/75 records no owner's names. At daylight the next morning, the crew were rescued by A. Pettingill, a brig under the command of Captain Hull, bound from Philadelphia to Matanzas, Cuba. 11, 1877, made their way to Havana and there embarked on City of Vera Cruz for New York which they reached on Jan. The vessel would seem to have then been owned by Hickson, Sykes & Co., of London (text).

I thank the New York Times for their article (source) of Jan.

Do be in touch if you have any information about the builder. 28, 1876, the vessel left Pernambuco, Brazil, for New York with a cargo of sugar under the command of Hugh Duncan (died Apl. The damage resulted in the barque leaking badly, & the crew were unable to keep up with the inflow of water. 30, 1876, two boats were launched, one of which sank immediately.

Stonehouse, Sunderland Shipbuilders/Shipbuilding Co., Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited, Sunderland Shipbuilding Dry Docks & Engineering, Swan Hunter, & Wigham Richardson, Thomas Young & Sons (Shipbreakers) Ltd. Corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome. The following vessels included - 1856 Jane Lacy & New Barque, 1857 William, 1858 Mary & Elizabeth, 1859 Stagshaw, 1860 Gulnare, 1861 Veleda, 1862 Moderation & Nancy Bryson, 1863 Belle of the South & Pyrus, 1864 Bernecia, Eglantine & Ortive, 1865 Scotland, 1866 Three Sisters. 4 of the crew were swept overboard but were recovered.

long, accommodation for 1st class passengers amidships, expected to have a speed of 12 knots. Crete, now Greek, at that time & thru 1913 was Ottoman, i.e. Years ago, the webmaster hiked the Samaria Gorge, & Agia Roumeli is the southern, coastal end of that hike. Built for Leach & Co., of London, agent, it would seem, for London & Ghent Line. And if so, the vessel name may correctly have been Presidente Saenz Pea. Constant' who would seem to have been a shipowner (mainly tugs & barges), a yard owner & a broker. Constant was to him in his capacity as a broker & he sold the vessel to South American or Spanish interests.

There being no roads in the area, the webmaster may well have visited or certainly passed Loutro, travelling by boat eastwards from Agia Roumeli along the coast to Hora Sfakion. In the following words:-I note, however, that Miramar in its references to the 'South Dock' shipbuilder refers to a number of names - John Haswell, Iliff and Mounsey, Mounsey, Mounsey and Foster, & Sunderland SB Co. Vessels built by 'Iliff' seen to have their own short numbering system commencing in 1872. The reference to 'South Dock' is a puzzle to the webmaster. The explosion occurred at Finika Bay or Phinika Bay or Phoenix Bay, (said to be near Adalia), a natural harbour on the S. It would seem that Ortigia had a troubled history of disasters (many similar sites to that linked above), being involved additionally in accidents in 1880 (in which Oncle Joseph was sunk), 1885 & 1890, in which, collectively, 200 to 300 persons lost their lives. A most difficult WWW search, so I am grateful for what little I could find. Built for Dampfschiffahrts Gesellschaft Neptun (Neptun Lin), of Bremen, Germany. Constant, of London, & in 1910 was renamed Presidente Saenz Penna. 26, 1894, which explosion was said, per Michael, to have been caused by a cargo of smuggled gunpowder. Probably 144 passengers lost their lives, plus some crew. Bade), 2 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Both of those purchaser names may, however, be the names of the vessel managers rather than the owners.

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If anybody has that booklet, scans of the pages for inclusion on site, would be welcomed.