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Event Tokens, Lots of Scrolls of Transcendence, Possible Artifact Chests (1/4 Chance At Random Artifact), Powerscrolls, Plus First Time Dropping Crystalline Ring!

Ultima Online is the most complex fantasy role-playing game to date, with thousands of players simultaneously online in a persistent, dynamic gaming world.

Which would be fine, if Ultima Online didn't suffer from numerous design and technical flaws.

Origin's own statistics indicate that, on average, players spend three to four hours every day in Britannia, so obviously Ultima Online has its share of supporters.

Simple tasks, such as moving inventory items or talking with other characters, become tedious exercises in frustration, and combat occasionally becomes an uncontrollable nightmare.

Design and technical issues will limit Ultima Online's appeal to gamers who possess a tremendous amount of patience and available time to invest in a game that is still in the process of being developed.There is a notable absence of a "beginner's dungeon" or an introductory area for new players to strengthen their wimpy characters in relative safety.You must initially spend a significant amount of your gaming time standing around casting spells at each other to increase skills, lining up to swing at a target dummy, or scurrying around the forest trying to squash a rabbit or those crazy wild chickens. I just want to thank everyone for keeping patient with us while we slowly built up T2A over the last year.While we were building AOS, we always kept T2A in mind and made sure what we built is backwards compatible with T2A. Its been an […] Invasion @ 12PM US/Central (Noon) / 5PM GMT.

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Ultima Online emulates pen-and-paper role-playing games in that it creates an environment in which you can develop various characters who are largely free to live out a virtual life within a "realistic fantasy gaming world." Gameplay is completely nonlinear and you aren't confined to playing a traditional hero - you're welcome to create a noble fighter-mage, a humble tailor, a mischievous thief, a malevolent assassin, or an ornery fisherman (or my favorite, combine the last two types into an ornery, malevolent fisherman-assassin).

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