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Www recordsdating com

Finally, Delaware’s business combination statute will be amended to clarify the effective time of amendments to a corporation’s certificate of incorporation opting out of the restrictions imposed by the statute.

If approved by the Delaware General Assembly, as it relates to the amendments to the requirements for stockholder consents, the Proposed DGCL Amendments will become effective on or after August 1, 2017, for stockholder action taken by consent having a record date for purposes of determining stockholders entitled to consent on that date.

The Proposed DGCL Amendments would remove the requirement under Section 228 that stockholders who act by written (or electronic) consent must also individually date their signature.

The Proposed DGCL Amendments also provide that stockholder consents must be delivered to the corporation within 60 days of the first date on which a written consent is delivered to the corporation.

Finally, the Proposed DGCL Amendments also amend Section 502(a) to clarify the information required to be furnished to the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware by domestic corporations in their annual franchise tax reports with respect to the address of the corporation’s registered office in Delaware and the address of the corporation’s principal place of business.

Specifically, the amendment would make clear that the street, number, city, and postal code of the corporation’s registered office in Delaware must be included in such report and that the street, number, city, state, or foreign country of the corporation’s principal place of business also be included.

"Those documents are irrelevant to the subject matter of this litigation and the request is nothing more than an attempt to harass Armstrong, cause unnecessary delay, and needlessly increase the cost of this litigation," Armstrong's lawyers wrote.The demand came in the government's lawsuit to recover millions of dollars in sponsorship money the U. Postal Service paid to Armstrong's teams from 1998-2004. Armstrong's lawyers have asked a judge to block the subpoena.They called the release of records a violation of privacy and noted Armstrong confessed in 2013 to doping to win the Tour de France seven times.An overview of the materials held by these organizations can be seen below.For information about other local, regional, and national resources, please see the Comprehensive List of Resources provided by the Hingham Public Library.

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As currently drafted, Section 203(b) provides that such an amendment would be effective upon the Under the Proposed DGCL Amendments, Section 374 of the DGCL would be amended to clarify the contents of the annual report required to be filed by a foreign corporation doing business in Delaware.

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